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Our vision is to educate traders and provide them with the tools necessary to simplify and improve their trading - all while utilizing the power of algorithms.

01The SMT Algorithm Suite includes a published 87 page trading guide that combines years of trading expertise and knowledge into a concise and easy to understand format.
02Add SMT scripts to your TradingView chart - with one click
03Combine concepts from The Z Strategy Trading Guide with confluence obtained from the SMT Algo to trade more efficiently and accurately.
04Join our discord community - a home to network and learn. Live alerts, educational resources, tech support, chart annotations, live trading, and so much more.
Data driven
All Scripts and Indicators have been backtested with video data available at any time
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All-In-One SMT Indicator
Provide Buy/Sell signals, Moving averages, VWAP, Key Levels, Zones, Alerts, automatic support and resistance, as well as built-in take profit and stop loss signals with alerts. Alerts configurable for desktop, mobile, and email for any time frame.
SMT Indicator
Buy/Sell signals, Moving averages, VWAP, Key Levels, Zones, Alerts, Trend Dashboard, Ability to display multiple time frame signals on current time frame. Alerts configurable for desktop, mobile, and email for any time frame.
Unusual Volume Indicator
Signals and alerts for unusual volume on subsequent candle (incremental 0.5x thresholds from 2x up to 5x) on any ticker.
13/48 EMA SMT Indicator
A version of the SMT Indicator that uses the 13/48 EMAs as a part of the signal criteria as opposed to the 9 and 21 EMAs. This is tailored to the 2 minute time frame.
SMT Dashboard
Displays the most recent buy and sell signals across various time frames with exact date and time of occurrence. The dashboard will also color code them to observe higher qand lower timeframe trends at a glance.
SMT Supply and Demand Zones
Automatically plots 20 supply and demand zones on any ticker (based on the last 10 days)
SMT Swing Indicator
A version of the SMT Indicator designed for higher time frames (30m+) that identifies high probability swing setups using the same methodology.
Legacy SMT Indicator
The original SMT indicator - signals are only present for the current time frame. This indicator still has the same alert functionality.
EMA Clouds
Define any 2 EMAs of any color and receive a buy alert when they bullishly cross, and sell alert when they bearishly cross. Built in functionality for desktop, mobile, and email notifications.
Automatic Fibonacci Retracement Levels
Uses Fibonacci Retracement methodology to calculate various levels that can be used by traders intraday as additional support and resistance.
Automated Support and Resistance Levels
Automatically plots dynamically shifting Support and Resistance levels. Level frequency can be defined by the user.
Stock Man Trading was created to develop a systematic, risk averse trading strategy aimed at maximizing profits and minimizing risk on high probability trading setups. This is done by having a deep understanding of various technical indicators such as the EMAs, Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), MACD, RSI, Supply and Demand, etc. Convergence of these technicals as well as an understanding of market psychology all come together to develop the optimal trading strategy - with over 80% accuracy.